Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We have a daughter.....

Firstly - I want to say a special thank you to all the beautiful people who have emailed and left messages on my blog that I can't respond too because there are no email addresses - you are truly special people who have touched my heart. I'm overwhelmed by your kindness and your love and wish I could tell you personally!

Now for our daughter! her name will be Ebony Grace Xing Boote. She was born on 20th August, 2005 (one day after our file was logged in - in China). Her Chinese name is SUI, Hua Xing and she is way down South in Suixi Orphanage, Guangdong Province in Guangzhou (I'm learning lots of new names!).

I took Mum and Dad (who are visiting) up to see the new home at about 10.30am yesterday and I (luckily) diverted the home phone to the mobile. Boy am I glad I did! We got the call! - I didn't expect it until Wednesday night and it came at 11am! I was so glad to be surrounded by people we love and who love us. It was lovely. I couldn't believe it - I was running around the block trying to find pen and paper - then I had to have a long conversation with the Social Worker who called me - all about the home we are living in and her having to come and do an assessment - when all I wanted to do was get of the phone and shout it from the rooftop!
As soon as I hung up, I burst into tears of joy!
What a day it has been and then a night! I've slept all of 3 hours - probably preparing me for motherhood!

Well, we don't have a photo yet - that comes tomorrow - but I will post as soon as we get it!


amy hatcher said...

Are you the same person who had the beautiful song and poem on your blog last Mon? My daughter and I loved it!!! We are log-in 11-5-05 and get such joy in seeing other people's stories. We can't find that section could you please point us to it? Thanks and congrats and many blessings to you all!! Amy

Anonymous said...


I love reading all this, and I have replied about 5 times already but its just so exciting to see that God has made your dreams come true. You are going to be the best Mummy to that little Ebony Grace. What a privilege to raise her, she is one blessed little girl!!!!!

Love u