Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's almost THE DAY

What can I say at a time like this - the feelings are so overwhelming. I'm just so filled with anticipation and I can't believe that tonight I lay my head on the pillow for the last time as a mummy in waiting. I just have tears of joy running down my face as I think of what tomorrow will hold - as I think of the amazing gift God has given us. My little angel is laying in a cot on the same soil as I am on today. She has no idea at all of what tomorrow holds for her. Please pray for her that she will be filled with peace as she takes the 7+ hour journey by road from Suixi to Guangzhou. I've moved beyond excitement. I have peace in my heart and am ready for sleep. Thanks so all the beautiful people who have emailed me - you have made this time even more special and have helped keep my eyes wet! I feel totally blessed and loved and supported. I have tried to email some back, but for some reason I can't through the blog from here - I will on my return. So - it's time for sleep - the sound of carols is filtering through into our room. I will sleep well and dream of sleeping beside my little girl tomorrow night and loving her in a way that I have never, ever know.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing way to spend Christmas! We'll be praying for a smooth transition for Ebony and you.
Merry Christmas!
Blessings from Florida,
Amy Gadapee

suzan said...

Hi Jen
I hope this Christmas day is wonderful. I will be following your journey with interest...we will be there this time next month. Happy Chrimstas on ths very ealy Christmas morning and good luck today.
Perth WA