Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's been so long!

I'm so sorry it's been so long. I am updating - so please just visit there in the "travel updates" tab and you'll see all that's been happening. Life is so busy being a new mum! But I will add some photo's for you to see if you can't get across to Ebony's site. She is an absolute miracle and she's beautiful beyond belief. We are both so in love with her and she is the happiest baby! She laughs so easily and she adores her daddy. She's not eating any solids yet - but at 10.5kg she has a bit in reserve! I had a day of worry, but I've decided to just keep up her fluids and she'll eat when she's ready. Well it's late and we have to be packed and ready to head by plane down to Ebony's Orphanage at 7.30am (I have NO idea how we'll do it - but we will!). Bless you all and thanks so much for your prayers.


Anonymous said...

oooh jen!!!
i just read your travel logs on ebony's footprints and now i can't stop bawling.....she is so incredibly adorable and precious, and she's yours!! to see you with her in your arms, and in her daddy's arms, is finally reality to a dream.....what an end to a journey....God is unbelievable in His plans for goodness. i can't even express the joy i feel for you, it is just overflowing. ebony looks like a toddler just like jaz!
and don't worry about the food, she will eat when she's settled and ready, i am sure. so many changes for her to take in, just like you.
can't wait to kiss that little girls face one day soon.....
love helena (still crying). xx

Emma said...

What a beautiful child Ebony is! Congratulations, I bet it felt like this day would never arrive! Ebony is just precious!