Monday, September 01, 2008

Some ways my daughter melts my heart.....

Often when I get Eb out of the high-chair she wants a cuddle now and it's the most beautiful cuddle. I still think there's still a degree of eye-contact avoidance, but the hugs I get are incredible.

I love it when I hold my arms out toward her and she holds hers out to me to be picked up. Something simple I know, but it honestly touches that special spot in my heart. I know it wont happen for that much longer.

The feeling when she puts her tiny little hand in, so special.

The look that says 'I trust you Mummy'.

The fact that Mummy is the ONLY person she will happily kiss :)

Some of the most gorgeous words she says....
biba (bib)
loshandlosha moo tows (lots and lots of moo cows - almost sounds like she's had a few drinks!)
apeese (please)
reada (when she wants a book read)
cuddwle (cuddle)
Ebby do - (said more than almost anything I think!)

And some of the things she does....
Everything round is 'bubble'
She's learning her square/rectangle/triangle/circle - because that's how I now cut her toast in the morning!
Everything is 'purple'
Turning on lights when she goes into rooms now
Trying to climb onto the change table (and she even attempted a somersault but thankfully I looked at the right moment 'cause I was getting a nappy at the time!)
Loves a balloon more than almost any other toy
Kicks a ball like no other child I know and is definitely a left footer and possibly a left hander too
Wants to be exactly where I am most of the time
Loves helping to load the washer/dryer with me

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