Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poem from the past

We visited Graham's Mum on Monday, and while we were there she gave me a copy of a poem that Graham's paternal Grandma had written when Graham's Aunt was born. All a bit far removed but I was very touch by this amazing poem. Written back in February 1928. The baby girl she refers to passed away very recently....

Note : the mention of 'abothers' here is factual. Every patient was called 'abother' - names were never used except between patients:


I thought that I could never be,
The mother of a 'girl' baby -
For sturdy sons had been my lot.
The youngest still a tiny tot -
When once again the die was cast,
I hoped this time 'twould be my last:

The weeks went by and as they flew,
My hopes and fears just grew and grew -
'Till early on a summer day,
To hospital I found my way -
And tucked up in my snowy bed,
I had no fear - but hope had fled:

Nurses hurried to and fro,
Some spoke to me and then would go -
abothers came and abothers went,
Their babies safe and they content -
The night closed in - then came the dawn'
And still I lay there spent and worn:

Then morning - with my world awhirl,
'Wake up - you have a baby girl' -
"Thank Heaven" said I with a sigh,
And once more floated up on high -
I woke - with abothers' all around,
Yet not one baby to be found:

Then came a bustle - at the door,
And tiny cots - rolled down the floor -
One was stopped - beside my bed,
Nurse smiled at me and then she said -
'Your 'baby girl' wants to be fed",
I looked upon her little face -
And touched her hair so fine,
She was indeed - A 'Baby Girl'
AND - She - Was - MINE:

Written at Knottsabill - after taking 'Tusha' home from the Womens Hosptial where she was born at 7.55am February 1st, 1928.

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I know it is late but sorry to hear about your grandma...