Saturday, November 21, 2009

Underbank Stud - Suixi girls get-together

Another wonderful weekend of celebration with our darling 'Suixi' family. This is the first time all six girls have been together since March this year and the reason for this one was to celebrate the girls 4th birthdays. As a group, we've decided to get together twice a year - once in March and once in Oct/Nov.
It was a great weekend in a really wonderful location. Underbank Stud is a Horse Stud and is located at Bacchus Marsh just 45mins from Melbourne. There are a few very old homes on the property and 3 families went in one and 3 in the other and we got together for meals, games etc.
The girls had so much fun together. It's so interesting to see their little personalities really starting to emerge - to see the different friendships that are forming amongst them - to see the friendship and bond we pray these little girls will continue to develop. Ebony seems to play very happily with whoever is around her at the moment. Her and Ruby certainly seem to draw to each other and are both real 'goers'! I just love watching all of them together! We arrived late Friday after a bit of an eventful trip - then settled into our room and had a lovely bbq dinner and just watched the girls play...which they did until quite late!
Next morning I was up early preparing the cake for the 'party' and then we took the girls on a hay bale ride (or at least we tried to until it rained!) - thankfully the weather cleared up and they were able to go later....and to go for a pony ride!

I though Eb wouldn't have a go - but she did in the end and her smiles speaks a thousand words! She loved wearing the helmet (either horse or bike!) and spent much of the morning wearing it!
In the afternoon we just relaxed and let the girls play with their room mates and their new birthday presents. What a generous group of families we have! Thanks to you all xxx

The party got underway a bit late - but it was still a blast! The girls loved it.

Sadly, I found out much later in the week that my camera setting had moved to 'manual focus' and because it's now 4 years old (even though it's a VERY good camera) the viewing screen is quite small and I didn't realize. Needless to say there were some absolutely wonderful...but very's! I've picked the best of the lot that were usable.
Another late night for the girls - but a fantastic day.
Sunday we woke to pouring rain. Didn't dampen our fun though! I painted the faces of all six girls first (have to comment on darling Camille though - she's the oldest of the 6 girls and when she came in with Mei and Ruby to have their faces done - she said 'you go first - I don't mind waiting!' - what a wonderful job you have done with your daughter Vicki!).
I had a ball and the girls were wonderful and still while I had my first ever attempt at doing it! I quite enjoyed it actually.

Then we decorated kites for the girls to take home with them - it was way to wet to fly them.

After all the activity, we had a lovely lunch together and then headed of on our different journeys home.
We headed off to The Grampians for 5-6 nights...but that lot is for the next post!

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