Sunday, November 08, 2009

A weekend with just the girls

We have had such a fun weekend! Daddy went away on a camp with our Church and left his two girls at home to get up to as much mischief as we could! It was a Dad's and children's weekend - but we decided Eb is just not ready to be away from Mummy yet - time will come :)
I let Eb sleep in with me both nights which she loved (not sure it was so good for Mummy though!)....

Saturday morning we turned the music on - had breakfast - then a bit of a dance around

before we headed out to the garden to try and beat the heat. I put a trailer load of mulch around the place and planted a few plants while Eb.......enjoyed herself in the mirror of my car! She LOVES mirrors at the moment as you'll see in the video's I've included.

Saturday afternoon we had guests arrive into the B&B and I had to be ready for them so we baked some yummy cupcakes for them (which Eb LOVED doing)...

and then I tackled some of the ironing from the last lot of guests. We had a quiet night then next morning got up and had our 'traditional' pancakes before we headed off to Church.....

Eb loves her pancakes with Golden Syrup and sprinkles...AND cut into a pizza!

I had to do the filming this morning and Eb was so good while I filmed.

We got home and enjoyed some lunch together just before...the power went out. Now it's SO hot here already and I was already feeling lethargic...this didn't help at all - although I'm very aware that there are people all over the world who live in far worse conditions and no nothing of an air-conditioner! Anyway, I had little energy to do anything with Eb so she wanted to watch TV, which she couldn't do. I kept telling her the power was out and finally she said to me 'batteries flat Mummy?....we get new ones" well, that cracked me up! how totally cute.

Daddy arrived home full of lots of stories while Mummy tried to battle with her still very lethargic self! It was lovely to have Daddy home and he was able to keep Eb occupied outside for a while so I could try to get some work done! It was a fun weekend for the girls...and for Daddy.

Yeah! it's been fun :)

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