Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Then it was King Valley for 5 days

Wow - it's been a busy time...but that's what holidays are for - especially when they are the holidays before school starts (oh boy am I ever NOT ready for that!).

Anyway - you and I arrived home from Waratah Bay Thursday and headed off to King Valley to join Uncle Mark, Aunty Bern, Beccy and Lizzie for 5 nights of fun. This was the first time they had been to KV and it was such a lovely relaxing time. Mark, particularly, chilled out! We played, made cards, went for walk, swam, ate and watched a bit of TV (and a great lightening show!). It was a lovely time spent together and we both look forward to the next time.

Here we are down the river having some family fun!

and a sweet Mummy/daughter capture by Aunty Bernie......

I took the girls for a bit of a walk for some exercise and photography fun....

Love this one of Lizzie...

Then it was an early morning photo or two...

I found out about Paradise Falls this trip - they were amazing - especially after all the rain. They would probably not even be running at this time of year normally. Here are the girls in the cave area behind the falls

Eb and Lizzie having a huggle as they make their way around all the rock pools

Love this one of Beccy...

The actual falls taken from below and behind

The cave structure we were standing in

Back on the trail looking back toward the waterfalls

Some fun outside play

and inside!

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