Saturday, January 22, 2011

Waratah Bay

Ruth invited us down to Waratah Bay to spend some time with her, Mei and Devonte.

We had a lovely 4 nights and days. Some down the beach, some driving around and some just at home. The views from their balcony are amazing and Ruth and I sat out most nights...even if we had a rug on....and enjoyed watching the sun go down and the moon come up.

The girls, of course, played really well - and Eb was so cute with Devonte...taking him by the hand and watching out for him - I was very proud of her.

two girls in the garden....

...and then drawing

darling Master D

two little friends going for a walk together

.....and getting up to some mischievous fun... whispering

...and giggling

Eb looking out for Master D

...the views from the balcony

some footage of Ebony caring for Devonte

and the children chasing seagulls

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