Sunday, February 20, 2011


My girl is now 5 1/2. Time has gone much faster than I ever wanted it to - but it's ok. I'm just loving this little, gorgeous, scrumptious girl that I get to do life with.

Eb is growing up so, so fast now that school is part of her everyday. I really can't believe the changes that have happened. I thought the growth in the last term of kinder was huge....this beats that hands down and it's only been a few short weeks. Conversations are getting far deeper - questions are getting FAR more frequent. She is really enjoying her days at school (once I go!).....and she is understanding so much more.

Earlier this week she woke quite early and came in to lay with me. She sat there and pointed to her mouth and said 'm-m-m mouth / (pointing) n-n-n nose / (pointing) e-e-ears'. So cute, I smiled with tears in my eyes as I listened.

She so easily just says 'I love you mummy'. Something I've waited so long to hear. She loves cuddles with mummy and we really are great pals.

I still haven't had one single night apart from her - and I'm not in any hurry. That time will come all too soon.

It's been such a wonderful journey and I know it's going to get better and better as we grow together. I'm so glad I take the time to observe and enjoy the special...and not so special moments - they are all part of who she is and I really do adore my little princess.

Just some facts ....
* Eb is now 113cm (so has grown 4cm's in 6 months!)
* She weighs around 18.5 kg's

....and some funny/notable ones from the past 6 months....
* Finally after many, MANY attempts she was able to open the car door herself (12/10) (with much glee!)
* Said 'I got a hegache mummy' (22/10) when walking back to pick up my car from detailing
* 'I walked 10 dilometers mummy' (22/10)
* Rode to kinder (4km on 20/10) without complaint
* When drawing (herself) on a card Ebony asked for a black pen 'because I have black hair mummy' (16/11)
* today is the first time Ebony has drawn a person and not had their arms and legs coming out of their head! They came out of a 'body'! (17/11)
* When I sent to bed I noticed that Eb hadn't packed away all her toys like I had asked her to - when I showed her in the morning she said ' oh, never mind mummy'! (26/11)
* After taking of her 'santa' outfit for our Christmas photo shoot - she says 'now I cumtable mummy' (it scratches her and sadly is very unpleasant for her!) 26/11
* For the first time ever I heard Eb talking in her room first thing in the morning rather than her coming out...which she does all the time now. When I went in she was in bed with books and toys! now that's a first :) (30/11/10)
* Came out this morning with her guitar and microphone singing 'rise and shine' :) (16/12/10)

She also moved from her much loved car seat into a big girl booster.I found this really hard. We bought it before we even knew who she would be - and because she was 16 months old when we arrived back in Australia - it was always in this position (never facing backwards). I remember the first time we put her in it for the journey home from the Airport. I had been told many of the children who have come home from China (and are in no way used to the restriction of a car seat) will scream when they are belted in - well not our baby girl! She slept :)

so it's goodbye car seat of many memories.....I'm passing you on to a dear friend here in Mt Beauty and I'm just so glad someone wants you - I couldn't have bared to throw you out!

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