Friday, February 11, 2011

One week of school over

Gosh - a week has gone already...why does time pass so quickly.
A week ago today we were celebrating Chinese New Year and I was looking back on your very first day at Kinder.
You did so well honey - but gee you struggled.
I knew in my heart that you would.
I had prepared you as best I could....but 3 out of 4 kinder terms you struggled so I just knew the likelihood was that you would struggle today.
You were so excited at home and in the car. I watched you and knew what most likely lay ahead...but I was excited with you...praying it would all go well.
We got to school and the first signs of uncertainty started.
I took you into class (with Daddy of course!) and you were clinging to Daddy like there was no tomorrow......for some reason you had your heart set that Daddy was staying with you.
Then it was time to line up and you wanted Mummy. I had already had a chat with Mrs. Rutherford and she had said it was ok to come in for a few minutes....but the Literacy Aide ended up taking over (in a positive way) and you were whisked tears.
Not a nice way to say goodbye and not a nice picture to have in my head.
I cried and then some of us Mums met at Svarmisk for a hot drink. You were the only one that cried! I felt so sad inside but prayed you would be ok.
While I was at Svarmisk - I got a call from school. My heart stopped when I heard who it was...but it was to say you were ok but that one of your new shoes had broken! I was glad because in the end it meant that I got to see you again and you were basically happy to see me and to let me go! At least the picture I had in my heart for the rest of the day was a happier one.
Picking you up was so much fun and I don't think I've been happier to see you and hug you for a long time!

Monday was similar - but I knew you would be was Tuesday really...maybe not quite as good. Tuesday night was awful! I picked you up and for some reason you had it in your head that we would go out for dinner (like we had the previous night with Jade's mummy). Jade must have said something and you absolutely believed it was true. For the first time ever I became the enemy and you were SO cross with me. You even said I could stay home and you and Daddy would go out! that's a first!
You cried all the way to Mt Beauty shops - wouldn't come into the Bank or the I had to leave you in the car with the air conditioner on (and where you were visable!) while I did what I had to.
On the way home you had settled a little and wanted to talk about why I didn't want to go out...I said we'd talk about it at home. When we got home I cooled you down and changed you out of your uniform and we sat on my bed and chatted. You seemed to come around a bit. I then unpacked your bag to find that all you had eaten all day was a Nectarine and only about 2cm's of water. No wonder you were feeling horrible! I felt so protective of you and was, momentarily, cross with the School.
Next day was a day off (after you slept a solid 12 hours) and you were such a happy girl.
Thursday I spoke with the teacher and she was horrified and said she would watch you and make sure you had water close by. All that has improved.
You were still upset when I left Thursday morning...but today! well today I encouraged you to go and play with Sarah and Jade and you left with an (uncertain) smile...but a smile and a wave. My heart leapt with joy. I was, and still am, so happy for you sweetheart.
It will happen - you will find your way.
Mrs. Rutherford says you are very social and love playing......that doesn't surprise me!
I love you are are learning....your wings are starting to move!

ready for the big day....

...excited and ready.... School and still excited! Daddy is still here - so I'm still happy!

....then the uncertainty began.....

...and continued...

Day Two and we're still happy to go...

and finally - a video to enjoy
of that very first morning....

now who knows what next week will hold :)

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