Friday, August 19, 2011

First Bluelight

This morning you woke up in a bit of a mood - I think having had guests for a few days makes it a bit hard to go back to just us. Perfectly understandable.
Anyway - when you got up you weren't particularly happy until I mentioned that tonight would be the 'Blue Light' - then your face changed completely!

Then night came and out you came! You had so much fun I couldn't believe it...or could I! This little video tells a story!

I still don't know that I agree with a disco at 5 (well almost 6) but you sure did have fun. You don't mind if there is someone to dance with or not - you just have fun. Thankfully you aren't too aware of dress etc. I love your style, I love that you don't mind where you are or what you are doing - you just love the moment! ...and I love that you are wearing a size '2' pumpkin patch skirt on the eve of your 6th birthday!

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