Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some new friends...

I 'met' Mel on the 'Explore' photography course I did online in Feb/Mar. She has been such a sweetheart in showing me how to do some things in PS before I started doing a course. I even went down and spent a number of hours with her.
I said I would love for her, her husband Andrew, and their gorgeous little girl to come up and stay...and they did! We had such fun, even though the weather wasn't brilliant. Here are some photo's of our girls at play!

Enjoying breakfast together...

Gorgeous Sophia

some fun before Eb goes to school

on a chair lift in the snow

Mel, Andrew and Sophia getting of the lift

Out to dinner!

Eb teaching Sophia how to read

...and how to have her FIRST shower! (I didn't know and Sophia's mummy and daddy hadn't surfaced :) How sweet is this photo!

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