Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our mates.....

Our dear friends 'The Gliddons' are soon to leave and we've had some wonderful times with them over the last year or so. When we first met them I didn't really want to get to know them well because I knew they would be leaving to live in Cambodia before long. Little did I know that God had other plans and we became good friends.

Eb has come to particularly love this family and, at the moment, almost every time we hop in the car she starts saying....Lijah, Jhoe, Auty, Trina, brings tears to my eyes. However! when God calls - who can argue. Yes, I'll miss them ALL terribly in different ways...and sometimes I wonder how it has happened that the one family we become so close to are leaving...seems to be what happens to me here in Mt. Beauty! but life goes on and hopefully we'll be able to visit them later this year or early next year God willing. They are heading to Cambodia with "Interserve" a missionary organisation and I've set up a blog especially for their if you feel to follow too.

Commissioning service at Kiewa Valley Christian Centre

(From Ebby)
.....gee it's only 12 days until you all go ... I'm going to miss you all bery much.
Elijah (Lijah), you have been so sweet to me - loving me and looking out for me even when it's been hard for you - you are special to me - tank shoe for caring for me :)

Elijah and Ebby

Josiah (Jhoe), you are always fun to play with too. You're quiet - but I love the fun I have with you.

Jo and Eb

Autumn-Grace (Auty) - tanks for being my first 'Aussie' friend. I'll miss our fun times together like swimming and 'pay sool' (playschool) and I can't wait to see you in 'bodia (Cambodia).

Autumn-Grace and Ebby

Paul and Katrina (Trina) - you are the best! you have taught my mummy not to worry so much about the food I eat (yeah!) and you're always good fun to be with. I even really like you now after you tried to put me in that cot when my mummy was gone. You both get good kisses from me now!

Fun at Mt. Beauty Holiday Park

From me again ...... bless you all and know you have left a beautiful fingerprint on my life, on Graham's and, of course, on our beautiful Ebby's. We'll never be the same for the blessing of knowing you. God speed - happy travels - safe journey and fruitful ministry. WE LOVE YOU!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I adore that 'bath' shot with all the kids... ahhh... I remember those days with cousins/brothers/sister etc all piled in there... no time for being bashful about the 'different' parts... hehehe... the days when we were carefree... Hope you all had a great Easter... take care