Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When the 5 other girls come to visit......

We have a blast! It was such a great weekend. It was the Labour Day weekend here in Victoria so Monday was a public holiday. Gra, Eb and I headed down to the local Caravan Park on Thursday night and set up...then Katrina/Paul/Elijah/Josiah & Autumn-Grace joined us for dinner. It was a beautiful night and we had lots of fun.

Then Friday arrived and we couldn't wait for Dick, Wendy and Ruby to arrive. They finally did at about 2.30pm and Eb had a friend for the rest of the day - they had a wonderful time. Ebony seems to really love camping - it's kinda sad that every time we attempted to go this summer it has rained...and it's barely rained all summer!!!!! go figure :)

Then Saturday morning arrived and I was so excited (Ebony would have been if she understood of course!). The other 4 families arrived around lunchtime and they set up their 'camps' or 'yurts' while I prepared some lunch and then that afternoon we all just chilled while the kids had an absolute ball. Unfortunately I didn't get a good photo of all 6 because there was always one sleeping/eating/playing etc...the big photo shoot was the next day.

3 families looked after the meal the first night and we all ate, drank and were merry (so to speak) - it was such a relaxed time and we all feel so totally lucky to actually like each other and enjoy each others company. I really look forward to the times we spend together.

We all slept quite well then it was Sunday morning and we decided to walk the girls (or ride as the Guest family did) to the local park. The weather has been exceptionally warm so it was lovely getting the girls out and about early. Then we had lunch together and later than afternoon we headed back to our place to have some nibbles and do the photo shoot. Well - I think the photo's will tell the story! It is SO hard to get 6 two year olds to stand still for a photo! Luckily we were all pretty relaxed about it and Mandy came up with the idea of laying them down head to head (what a great idea)! So it worked and we had fun and the girls had a ball eating chocolate. I'm still wiping the chocolate fingerprints from the doors and walls and loving it! It makes me smile every time I see some more. Today I washed the 3 cheongsam's that got 'chocolated' by the girls wearing them (the ones they borrowed) and they came up beautifully.

Then we came back to camp and although none of us felt like eating we did manage to eat the wonderful dinner the other 3 families had prepared (I have no idea how!). Then it was another night of friendship and chatter as our 6 gorgeous girls slept in their tents or yurts. What a wonderful day.

Monday came way to quickly - time to pack up and go....nnnnooooooooo! We didn't do a thing until everyone left and it still took us ages to pack up the camper trailer. I was sad but happy - it's been such a wonderful weekend - one to remember and one to look back on with very, very happy memories.

Now I'm busy trying to plan for the next get together in June!

Five of the six girls enjoying a swim on a hot autumn day

..then it was time for dinner...

and a bath of course :)

day two and our first attempt at a group photo

second attempt....

and finally...success!

another bath after some fun in the dirt!

a game of ring-a-rosy before everyone left

then something to amuse Eb while we packed up

with Eb giving orders!!!

then it was 'home' again


Anonymous said...

I love the pic of the girls in the circle looking up but have to say I really love the one of them all on the run. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I love the group pic on the ground but really love the one with the girls on the run. Hilarious!