Saturday, March 29, 2008

'Seeya' for now friends......

Well, they're gone. It's been a sad few days for me - but I've come to realize that the only reason I'm sad is because this precious family were such good friends. If I didn't feel sad, then it was just another real meaning.....that wasn't the case here.

Paul, Katrina, Elijah, Jo and Autumn-Grace are now enjoying some R+R in Bangkok before heading to Cambodia. We spent quite of bit of Thursday with them - in the end we had a quiet couple of hours with a beautiful bottle of 1987 Shiraz and had a good time - prayed and then we left.

I cried all the way home. I cried when Ebony's first words on Friday morning were 'Auty" (Autumn)....and I've cried a few times when I've looked around and seen the things they have given us and the things they have asked us to look after for them....and then there is the sweet little hair clip of Autumn's that she left on Thursday morning and I meant to return. It's all a bit of a funny feeling - but I know we'll see them again. People come in and out of our lives and we have to appreciate whatever time we have with people we love - we did that and we were blessed to have a few months where we knew what lay ahead...some people don't have that warning.

So - it's 'seeya' to the Gliddon family. We look forward to the next time we hear your voices or the next time we are looking at you face to face.

Here are some photo's of our last day......

Auty and Ebby

Elijah and Ebby

Auty, Ebby & Lijah (sadly Jo wasn't here until just before we left)

Lijah, Ebby and Auty in the spa bath

serious Katrina

melancholy Paul

and a beautiful sleeping angel after all the 'seeya's'

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