Thursday, July 24, 2008

Snow Show

Wow! we are having the BEST snow season at the moment and what I only recently found out is that there are FREE children's shows on Thursday and Saturday nights. The don't start until 8pm so we decided to go (with friends) at about 4pm (after 2pm you don't have to pay the $30 per car to get ON the mountain). Unfortunately Daddy is getting a bit too familiar with the road to Falls Creek and Eb had her first taste of being car sick. Poor little girl. I'm SO glad I took a complete change of clothes because she needed it!.
Anyway by the time we arrived she was fine and we all got out and played on the toboggans for about an hour and then made our way to the 'Cock and Bull' pub where we had a lovely dinner in absolutely beautiful warm surroundings. I'm sure others can relate to how cozy a room can be after you've been in the freezing snow! It was SO nice.
Then it was time to get back in our cars and head down to the lower carpark where we caught a ski lift (again for free) up to where the show happened. It was very dark by this stage, but beautifully lit along the ski lift. It was a real adventure and Eb took everything in her stride - she loved the lift although we had her extremely rugged up. Then when we arrived at the show there were so many people we had to walk (very) up hill to get a spot where we could see. Can you imagine going up a steep hill carrying 14kg's.....that part wasn't fun - but going done was much harder and much more fun - I just skated down while I tried to hold Eb between her and her Daddy! There should have been a movie camera (or maybe it was better there wasn't!). I have no idea how I made it down still attached to Ebony and still standing - but I did.
The show was a blast - lots of downhill skiing by kids and adults and 'Pete the Dragon' for the kids - then it finished with fireworks. What a great night - we had a great time. Eb stayed awake all the way down the mountain again and then we tucked her in her bed at about 10pm a very late night for my girl!

Above are some photo's of the beautiful scenery at Falls Creek

Daddy and Eb having a toboggan together

Daddy, Ebby and the snowman what would I like for dinner?

Pete the Dragon

Rugging up together!

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