Monday, November 17, 2008


I got home from Lakes Entrance on Thursday evening and left for camping on Friday afternoon! Boy what busy time it's been - but it's also been lots of fun.
We headed off, stopped at Myrtleford (about 40 mins) to do some shopping then went to pick up the key to the property we were staying on only to find it wasn't where it was meant to be - so I walked the WHOLE street looking in letterboxes only to find it was in the second last one (which was incidently the end of the street I suggested we look first!).
As a result we were a bit pushed for time so Graham probably went a bit faster than he should have and we ended up with a car sick little girl (never happens when Mummy drives!). He wasn't going too fast and I (who normally suffers quite badly) didn't even come close - but it started to become very obvious that Eb wasn't feeling (or looking) very well, so I brought her into the front of the car - it was very quiet windy back roads - and after a while she was sick. She was pretty well ok after that and when we arrived at our destination (only about 1.5hours from home) she was firing on all cylinders again.
By the time we set up we didn't get to eat until about 9.45pm! Then the guys decided they wanted to go for a drive around the property and I didn't feel comfortable just staying there Eb and I on our own (only the husband of one of the other couples was there on that night - the rest of the families joined us on Saturday) so we went with them - Eb was having a ball until about 11pm when she fell asleep in my arms and stayed soundly that way for the next hour or so. I was easily able to transport her into her cot when we got back.
The next day dawned absolutely beautiful. It was a lovely spot close to a creek (with a fence for safety) and gorgeous views. We had breakfast and just sat around until the other families arrived.
Basically it was a relaxing time - didn't do much although the guys went and did boys stuff together. Ebony had more fun that I've seen for a while. It was a fabulous weekend. We had a campfire and Venison roast on Saturday night - a combined effort. We didn't even leave until 5pm on Sunday...that says something with my husband!

having fun 'driving'

waking up with Daddy

a spectacular morning

'playing' with a stick insect...although she wasn't sure at first!

playing in the creek - even though the water was FREEZING!

a fashion statement....bathers and blundstones!

just one of the kids!

this is so much fun!

a very happy camping family

he'll kill me - but I couldn't resist!

last brekkie camping

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