Saturday, November 08, 2008

2 years ago today...we were handed a photo that would change our lives

It's so hard to believe it's been two years. Two years since that moment we had anticipated more than any other at that stage. We saw the face of the little girl who was destined to change our lives forever and ever. Two years since we took the trip to Benalla ..... a very, very nervous and anxious trip. How would I feel when I saw my darling daughter. Would all the love and emotions that had welled up in me for years and years spill out suddenly when I saw her face - would there be fear/delight/joy/uncertainty...what would be the reaction. I had barely slept in anticipation of this moment - I was terrified that I wouldn't find that 'connection' that I so desperately wanted with my daughter - how do you really bond with a photo - what does a photo of a little girl on the other side of the world really mean to me? How will our two worlds connect? I really didn't know - didn't have the answers ..... I was just terrified.
But God did know. He had it all planned. He knew many, many years ago as I cried for the first child I lost. He knew exactly what she would look like and what I would feel. He had me....and the palm of his hands. Thank you Lord for your goodness to me. More emotions than I ever knew possible exploded that night - I felt blessed beyond measure and the darling little girl that looked at us from that photo became one of the greatest joys my life could have ever known. For 7 weeks her photo slept with me under my pillow until the day she was finally placed in my arms.

Here are the photo's we were handed on that momentous day.....and some taken today.


Chelley said...

It seems like yesterday.. I cant believe that I have know you for over two years!! I sure do hope that we get to meet one day.

Looking at those photos really brings a tear to my eye.... Ebony is so amazing!

Rachel said...

Congratulations Bootes!
How quickly the journey speeds up once that darling baby pic is placed in your hand.

Kitta said...

O my god!!
I´m usually so into dates that I should have remembered and for some reason I visited your website and saw those photos and ... All my emotions from that day started...
What a day it was! We´ll never forget it :)
But I did think some days ago, about that soon it would be two years that we´ve been together :)
It´s been the most wonderful two years in my life and more to come :)

Love to you all - Kitta & family

Vicki Goodman said...

Divine shots of your beautiful girl Jen, she is such a delightful little girl, and what a special time for all of us,

love Vicki XXX