Tuesday, November 04, 2008

4 little Suixi princesses get away together......

We have had a weekend and a half. It's been wonderful. I'll also post some video's shortly.
The weekend was a tiny bit sad because two of the Suixi girls couldn't be there - but what a special weekend it was anyway.
The place we stayed wasn't my first choice - but it was certainly meant to be - we couldn't have picked a better environment for the girls at this stage of their lives and the accommodation was perfect for us all too. Here's what it looked like.....

We arrived on Saturday and left Tuesday. Sadly Ruby and her Daddy and Mummy could only stay Saturday night - but it was so lovely to have them there no matter how long!
Saturday we just kinda chilled out. We didn't arrive until around 2pm anyway - but it was a fun afternoon and evening. Emerald Park in Jamieson was the name and it was a 'Host Farm'. We played with the girls in the park that is part of the farm and located just a short dozen or so steps from our back doors.....

Ruby and Eliza

Meiya and Ebony

then at 5.30pm and 9.30am you can take the children along to watch the feeding of the horses/chickens and just view the animals in general so we took the children along for the 5.30pm session.....

The four girls with one of the Pony's

Ebony 'helping' feed the chooks

Eliza and Meiya watching closely! (Don't you love Eliza and Meiya's tutu's! Meiya's barely came off all weekend!)

Day two we decided to go to Mansfield Zoo (I never even knew it existed!). But before then we had decided on a 'tutu' photo shoot. It ended up a bad idea because somehow or other Ebony's tutu didn't make it to Jamieson and Eliza just decided that she didn't want to wear hers and if I remember rightly, Meiya was happy to wear hers...but not to get on the play equipment! Anyway, we did have fun and I hope it's obvious.

Three of the four! Meiya, Ruby and Eb

Eliza looking just gorgeous even without a Tutu!

Eb contemplating!

Ruby enjoying!

Meiya not so happy about it all :)

Eb got to borrow a spare of Ruby and I loved the view from the back!

Couldn't pass up on one of the guys looking SO happy to be there :)

Three little princesses enjoying a motor bike (that's a fixed in place one in the playground!)

The Zoo was amazing and the girls got to see all sorts of animals from Camels, Deer, Roo's, Ducks/Geese, Lions, Monkeys - it was just amazing. The weather really turned out for us too with some of us Mummy's getting a bit sunburned!

Feeding the Camels

Eb and Daddy hand in hand

Eb and Ruby chasing the geese

Eb feeding the deer

I'm very glad that Lion is BEHIND bars!

Day Three we simply stayed around 'home' and enjoyed the girls. Kate was wonderful and brought along some paper/stickers etc for the girls to play with and they had a ball - Eb found her nose was a good place to put the stickers! We also fed the animals again in the afternoon.

Girls playing with paper and stickers!

A nap Ebby style! She slept over 3 hours and unfortunately wet the cot....but she must have been sleeping VERY deeply. Poor little girl - it's the first time this has happened and she was quite distressed.

Chook feeding time

Then it was time for a swing and down to feed (and brush) the horses

I happened to capture a beautiful family having fun

Then the 3 girls had some painting fun

And finally - almost ready for bed, they settled down to the new Justine Clarke DVD -
'Songs that make you smile' - they were all captivated!

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Anonymous said...

What a great time all the girls had, and a fantastic location too. Love from a missing Suixi sweetpea Camille