Saturday, January 26, 2008

...then the rest of Australia Day

Spent with friends at Howlong. We had a wonderful day and wished we could have stayed the whole weekend with them...but it wasn't to be - so we made the most of the afternoon and evening as you'll see :)

Ebony got to try things she'd never even even 'seen' before and it was nothing short of a delight to sit back and enjoy.....

Ebby cruisin...

On the big Motor Bike with Nathan.....may not look safe to some, but was perfectly safe

We got the guys to drop us upstream in the Murray River and the girls...including Eb....floated down on Lilo, tubes...for 1/2 an hour - it was fantastic fun and as you can see Eb loved it!

Then it was the Quad bike....with a helmet

... and without! she didn't 'swing' on her own - but she did have a few goes with others and again she just had a ball!

It was such a great fun day...our little adventurer slept all the way home. Thanks to the Schroder family for giving us yet another great day.


Joanne said...

Wow..I'm jealous!! I live in Florida and it's not that warm yet to go swimming!! Great pictures!!

One Lucky Mom said...

Just discovered your blog. Wonderful to read about another Suixi girl thriving in her home in a country I thoroughly enjoyed visiting a few years ago.