Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jim, Kate and Eliza's visit

We've just been lucky enough to have another of the Suixi girls...Eliza, stay with her mummy and daddy (and her mummy's mummy and daddy) in Bright. We were lucky enough to have Kate, her mum Ruth and Eliza join us at Church on Sunday, then Jim and Kate's dad George came over the hill and we all went out and had lunch then came back to our place so the girls could play. Monday Eb and I took the journey over the mountain to Bright and spent the afternoon with them and the girls had a wonderful play (especially with the golf set!) (and Eb had a wonderful sleep while mummy, Kate and Eliza walked into Bright). Jim looked after Eb when she woke up and he did extremely well as Eb was really happy when we got back.
Then on Wednesday night Jim, Kate and Eliza came for dinner. It was a lovely night....Eb didn't go to bed until 9.30 but she had such a wonderful time. Kate's dad gave the two little girls a pretend microphone and they had so much fun 'singing'! It was a great night and another great time spent with one of the other little miracles from China!

serious Eb with Jim

happy Eliza with mummy

two happy girls

watching the Wiggles together




Ebby enjoying one of Jim's gluten free chockie biscuits

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Kate said...

Jen, we had the most lovely time with you three - we really cherish your friendship and the time that we spend together. It was wonderful to see how well our little girls interacted with each other; their impromptu 'concerts' were just delightful and I can't but smile when I think of two little girls in their nappies, singlets and Aussie hats dancing around your lounge room. Aren't we the luckiest parents in the world? Here's to many more happy memories. Love Kate