Monday, July 20, 2009

First attempt at snow ski's @ 3yrs 11 months

Yep! I bit the bullet (and the bank account :)
It was a last minute decision - we went with Susan and Sarah.
The weather has been a bit bizarre this year - plenty of snow - but very little down low. Up the top it's fine though, but you just don't see snow until you're almost at Falls Creek - normally you would see it on the way.

Today Eb is 3 years and 11 months.

It was a TERRIBLE weather day - and that didn't set things up well - but we did it!
We left here about 8am and went and got the girls fitted with ski's and then we (well I) drove up the mountain to Falls Creek. We arrived very close to the 10am start time (rush, rush, rush!). The guy who took our $68 for the lesson .... 2 hours (!!!) said we were really pushing it - but again we decided to go - so we rushed outside only to find the lifts had cues of some 100+ people (and Sarah needed to go to the toilet!)....I waited in line until they returned and then we took the lift up, up, up to Cloud Nine. The weather got worse the higher we went - but I was still in good spirits and so was Eb. I really needed the loo by this stage - but we got the girls booked in (a LONG process the first time) and then we were able to leave them and head to the toilets.

???? kinda ready....maybe....????

I'm not at ALL sure about this!

Getting her ski's on....

They're on!

Susan had promised Sarah she'd be there for her - sadly, Eb was doing really, really well until she saw me...then she ended up with water coming from every conceivable place in her head! She was hysterical. So were a few kids I might add. I really, really encouraged her (the instructor wasn't much good with her I'm afraid) but in the end I had to walk away and Susan took over and it was better (than it would have been if I stayed).

With Susan on the 'magic carpet'

It was a really hard thing to do - but I knew I wasn't doing her any good. She finally got her ski's on and headed off up the 'magic carpet'. She did quite well and finally I was able to 're-appear' and take over. Once again, sadly, they took the children in for a hot drink and Eb didn't cope too well with getting off only to be left again (they wouldn't allow parents in there....but I ended up going just to get Eb settled and happy).

Finally happy with Mummy by her side...

We went back out and Eb was happy to have another go - but Sarah had had enough (I must say, by this time the conditions were shocking and children were just getting blown over!) - so Eb had one more go and then we went in and enjoyed a lovely hot drink before we headed back down the ski lift to the bottom.

On the way back down...

Down the bottom we found a spot where the girls could have some fun play time together - so we ended it on a really good fun note.

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Chelley said...

ANd what a CUTE little snow bunny Eb makes!!!