Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last Melbourne post for a little while....

It was such a fun weekend. We had the first night in a Motel and although we had a terrible sleep - it was still ok.

Eb and her daddy having some fun moments...

The next morning Graham had to go and do some work at our old home in Montrose so Eb and I went and did a bit of shopping and then went to Mark, Bern and the girls where Daddy met us for lunch. As always, the girls had a ball together!

After that we headed over to Kate, Jim and Eliza's for the night. Poor little Eliza! and her poor, poor Mummy. Last night, Kate arrived home from Uni and decided to have a cuppa. While she was pouring it, little Eliza ran up to her Mummy and grabbed her arm...the one with the boiling kettle in it...and little Eliza ended up with raw boiling water on her face. Luckily Daddy knew to put cold water on it straight away and then they headed into the Royal Childrens Hospital. Poor Eliza has a nasty mark on her face and her Mummy is feeling incredible guilt (although I did remind her that accidents are called that for a reason). I do understand though - and the consequences are all over Eliza's face whenever she looks at her. I must say, Eliza is a little trouper and she was a really, really settled little girl and the two girls played beautifully together!

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