Thursday, July 02, 2009

Extra special loving...

Today has been a really, extra special day.
I woke to a very wet and dark morning. My little girl woke at about 7ish and I went in to see her and got the most beautiful, warm and loving smile.....and the day continued on like that!
We had a shower and afterwards, she wanted to be 'a baby mummy' so I wrapped her in her towel and took her out to get her warm by the fire...and there we sat together cuddling for about 20 minutes, just watching the flames licking away.
After that she played happily while I cleaned out her room to make it more usable for her. I can't count how many times she had come to me just for a lovely cuddle or a kiss! So totally beautiful and something I've waited such a long, long time for.
To cap that off - last night in bed she was saying goodnight to daddy while I went to get her water bottle and she said 'my mummy is nice' - how cute is that! She is talking so very well now and is saying some of the most adorable things...she is very good at saying 'thank you mummy' and tonight she even said 'thank you for dinner'! completely unprompted!

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