Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The absolute joy this little girl brings

There are so many changes happening.
This week, for the first time, when Eb slept in with me while Graham was away, she woke and said in a sad little voice 'where's my Daddy?'. It was so sweet to hear. She is really starting to miss her Daddy when he's not around.

This morning, as I watched her dancing away in front of the mirror as we lay in bed in trying to wake up I thought back on the precious little girl that came to us three years ago. She was so, SO quiet. Now we have this beautiful, effervescent, spontaneous, little chatter box! The richness that she has brought into our world defies words. She is sweet, she is loving, she is filled with joy.

And I have to laugh! When I put her to bed tonight - this is how she wanted all her 'friends'! Not sure how some people would 'analyse' it....but I just smiled!

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