Thursday, February 04, 2010

Uh Oh...Kinder day two and three

No so good today and yesterday - as a matter of fact - terrible!
I nearly walked out today.
Ebony was hysterical - she's got progressively worse over the past 2 days.
No-one came to my aid. Not the teacher, not the assistant and not the Aide. AND there were no other distressed children. I walked back inside with a screaming child and if I hadn't remembered someone was meeting me there I would have gone home and told them all to jam kindergarten. I felt really cross and hurt inside. Last year this NEVER would have happen. What did they expect me to do....walk away and leave her alone screaming? Not on your life.
I ended up walking up to the assistant who then took Eb from me and I left crying myself. Poor, sweet Eb - what ever is this doing to her?

On a much brighter note - Wednesday afternoon she was bright happy loving self...and here's some photo's so I can remember she does come home happy!

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Sandie said...

Oh Jen, I feel for you and know exactly how you feel. I have left in tears from pre school and now big school which my little Matthew has just started. You are absolutely right that the teachers should have come to comfort her. It doesnt matter how long she has been attending. If she is upset they should help you. One of our teachers made a very special stcker chart for Matty....when he left Mummy with a wave and a smile he got to put a special sticker on his chart. Maybe a positive reward system like this would help Ebi. Good luck and Im sure she settles quickly after you have gone. XX