Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ken the Kiewa Valley Kookaburra

We had a visitor overnight! The kinder have this gorgeous little furry (stuffed) Kookaburra and each child gets to take Ken 'home' for a night or a few days. Well - today was our turn.
Eb was really excited. We took him over to Bright where he came to the Physio with us - then Eb had an Ice Cream with him and then we came back home (via 2 snakes on the road!)

I took a photo of Eb asleep with Ken and then the next morning I took one of her enjoying sharing her pancakes (complete with honey and 'sprinkles'). We then had to write in Ken's 'diary' telling of his adventures.

It was a great thing to do and Eb was very sad to part with Ken - but it did make Kinder drop off MUCH easier!

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