Friday, May 27, 2011


why is it that I need a tragedy to remind me how precious any little person in my life is? precious the gift of my sweet little girl is.
Today I found out that one of the children in Eb's class - a little boy who also did Kindy with her - who was a very withdrawn little soul - died on Wednesday. He contracted leukemia about 6 weeks ago and then got an infection and now he is gone. I did kinder duty with him a few times last year and tried to reach out to him. He never really responded but it never bothered me - I always held him dear to my heart. I don't think I ever even hear him speak. Good bye darling Souhail - you are now in God's hands and the angels will welcome you darling little man - you will never be rejected again - you will never need to withdraw again - you are safe. You will be missed by this mummy.

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