Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This one deserves a separate entry!

A little girl and a puppy dog.
Ebony is 5 and Harley is only 1.
They became absolutely the BEST of friends.
They were inseparable.
Ebony was a bit unsure at first - Harley made sure that didn't last long.
Ebony struggled to even leave Harley to go away for 2 days.
Is a dog in her future? who knows! not in the short term.
It was so beautiful to watch them together
So beautiful to see her love an animal the way she did
So sad to hear her say tonight, as I tucked her into bed sobbing 'Mummy my heart is breaking I miss Harley soooo much'. Out of the mouths of babes.
Sweetheart your mummy cried too - so sad to see you so sad xx

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Cristina said...

Dogs are wonderful friends for little people - Alice has three!! Love and blessings xxxx