Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brisbane for a week!

We've had an amazing time with Graham's daughter, her husband and their darling baby boy James in Brisbane. James is only 3 months old and he is just beautiful! We loved our time with them all.

While we were there, Ebony and I spent a morning with some of the gorgeous girls that I did the 'Explore' photography course with in Feb/Mar. Finally putting a face to a name and thoroughly enjoying some photography chat and some actual photography..... it was a blast :)

Jody Ryan's daughter Sienna....

Jody with her daughter Sienna...

Eb and Sienna having a blast!

The gorgeous Debbie Lawrence

Then we took a couple of days away and visited ....Australia Zoo....

Eb had so much fun feeding the Kangaroo's.....she spent more time here than anywhere!

...even after she got scratched (you can see the marks on her hand)

Then we went to Noosa after a night at Caloundra.....
...via Eumundi Market of course!

Noosa beach at dusk amazing sand sculpture...we arrived just as he finished and YES we did give him a gold coin or two for his incredible work!

Then we had a day out with Kim, Michael and baby James and went to watch a kite flying festival. Eb loved it all - but particularly her first taste of fairy floss!

In our last day or so, we headed into Brisbane and took the ferry across the other side...and then we walked...and walked...and walked. We didn't realise we had got off the ferry way too early and we could have gone a lot further! We still had fun on a beautiful Brisbane morning looking at what - only months earlier - had been devastated by floods.

I was thrilled when we were crossing back over the bridge to get back to main Brisbane to look down and see 'Ella's pink lady'! I had just finished the book of Jessica Watson's journey and it was amazing to see the actual boat docked at Brisbane.

When we arrived back home, it was time to attempt some photo's - sadly it was quite late and the sun was going down - needless to say, the camera struggled...and so did I!

Here's Graham with his daughter and Grandson

Baby James

Baby James and his mummy

A very happy new family

...and one sweet little 5yo having a lovely time in the pool (even thought it was FREEZING!)

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