Sunday, April 14, 2013

If only.....

You would have made such a beautiful big sister.

I have watched you over the past week as we've visited some of your Suixi sisters and now you have little Miss Sophia here.  You are gentle, you are kind, you are thoughtful.

A perfect big sister.

I feel so very proud of you.

For all your problems at the moment you are shining in the ways that are really important.

I'm seeing how much you are growing and how much more grown up you are.  This week more than any other I've noticed a big change.  You have just moved up a level in your understanding and in your ability to be thoughtful and caring of others.  Yesterday we took Miss Sophia (just 4) to the shops and you helped her with her seatbelt, helped her out of the car, held her hand as we walked around the shops then you took her to the right side of the car and got her into her carseat before getting in yourself and making sure her belt was fastened.

You are playing games with her that I thought you might not want to because they are such young games but you are willing to be there for her and just play whatever Miss Sophia wants to play.

You even wake with a sheepish smile on your face when Miss S has come in and woken you when you are definitely not ready to be woken.  7 1/2 has shown me a little girl who prefers to sleep in a bit whenever she can!

You are my sunshine sweet girl.  You are my world.  You make me very proud xx

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