Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random April memories

This is our absolutely beautiful and amazing view.  We are blessed indeed!

Today is a very special birthday for our friend Rod.
They were so kind to us and invited us out to the amazing Ivory Rooms in Tawonga South.
It was a very special night and Ebony and Rod had good fun as they always do!

Nothing special....just love this profile pic

This day was the local 'Music Muster'.  I don't usually go, but I volunteered to help on the food tent for the School.  We had a blast!  I planned to stay an hour and stayed about 4.  You loved it too and ran around everywhere checking things out.
We rode our bikes and before we left we tried one of these 'potato twirl' things.  They were VERY moorish....but probably very bad for us too!  Lucky we rode :)

Just beautiful blowing mummy a kiss <3 p="">

...and a little taste of Autumn in Mt Beauty

and there was, amongst it all, your much loved gymnastics...

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