Sunday, October 26, 2008

My little sponge

Gosh things are changing fast!

How is this conversation we had?....(I've just finished doing some ironing)....
Ebony: 'no-more Mummy' Mummy: 'that's right honey - all finished' Ebony: 'bye-bye....see you yater'

Eb was given this beautiful Fisher Price Little People house for her birthday. She's enjoyed it, but not really played as much as I thought she would....until I started to play with it and show her the movement of the "Mummy, Daddy, Baby, Pussycat" around the house.
This morning she was playing with it and I said that Mummy needed to do some washing - Ebony came back to me and said 'no.......Mummy on computer' and she proceeded to move Mummy up into the office.....I think there's a message there!

Then there's McDonalds Farm!
Ebby: "Ee Ii Ee Ii Ho' " - getting old McDonald and Santa mixed up!

She also says Motor Bike and Motor Mower very clearly - but it's not uncommon for her to say Mower Bike when she sees either of them :)

In the mornings when it's time for Daddy to go to work it often goes like this....
Mummy: Daddy's going to work - time to say bye bye to Daddy
Ebby: No!
Mummy: You must say bye bye to Daddy
Ebby: No bye bye .......
By this stage Daddy will have gone and snuck a kiss (or given up!)
Then Ebby's looking out the window wistfully saying.....'poor Daddy'
....this conversation can be about dolls/snugli/books anything. She obviously detects in my voice that someone/thing will be sad about her treatment of them/it and then she brings in the 'poor whatever'.

She also had two pieces of toast in her hands - next thing she was saying 'cuddle' and then 'beautiful'....I'm obviously teaching her something right!....even if it is toast.

She loves playing this game where I pretend I'm asleep and she has to kiss me to wake me - which she does readily now. As soon as I pretend I'm asleep I get a kiss....great way of getting a kiss - Daddy's learning too.

She isn't waking well from her afternoon sleeps still. It's just a bit of a bizarre time - IF she wakes of her own accord she's kinda ok - if I have to wake her (which I've been doing because it's harder to get her down on time at nights) she really struggles. Now when I say struggles, she's very, very happy to just sit on my lap, so I'm not really complaining. We have been blessed with the best sleeper I know that's for sure!

Well, I'm sure there's more. She's now 14.7kg and still 95cm tall.
We're having a urine test done to see if she has been effected by the Melamine issues in China - but all seems well at this point - she's fit as a Malley bull as the saying goes!

She absolutely loves being outside - she plays in the stones or with the outside tea set we've got - or she helps me move mulch - doesn't matter what it is - she just loves outdoors.....oh! and Dora and Bindy too :)

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