Monday, October 13, 2008

Toilet training, dress ups, dancing and bandaids!

Lots happening.

Toilet Training:
I've started REALLY focusing on toilet training - Saturday was a bit of a nightmare with 4 sets of 'padded undies' and clothes as well (and shoes!) having to be changed and washed. But by early afternoon we were well on our way!
Eb has been so good really. For about a month, every time I have left her with no nappy on in the mornings (especially those mornings that I don't have to be gone early) she has been pretty good at telling me she needs to go. But this weekend I decided to really put in a big effort. Yesterday she had to wear a nappy to go to Church, but when we got home I went straight back to the undies and she only had one accident - she's doing SO well and I'm so proud of her. This morning she still had her night nappy on but came up to me and told me she needed 'toilet'! Thankfully we have a day at home mostly today. It's been a LOT of work - especially Saturday when I was out in the garden and had to keep stopping to change her....and then later to take her to the toilet every time she felt she needed to go (even if she didn't really) - I ended up exhausted but satisfied. (I went to bed at 9.15pm! - unheard of for me).

after our weekend with Eliza, Kate and Jim I decided to get a couple of things that Eb could use as 'dress ups' - I think the photo's tell the story really - so cute to see her enjoying being a real little girl :) (I might add I have the cutest photo of her with NOTHING on accept her fluffy shoes....very cute - but not for a blog :)

Well - I decided to try Ebony at Jazz Ballet again. I tried in Term 2 and she loved it, but she wasn't able to take instruction - so the teacher suggested Term3 - I though maybe Term 4. Well - she's just not ready. She did the 'Koala cling' again. She just didn't want to leave my arms and if I attempted to put her down she screamed. Now, having said that, she had a really strange morning. She was upset while I was cleaning and then when we went to the local store to do the shopping she screamed her way around the store - something she's never done before. I've decided I'll try one more time this term but I think it will be a next year thing. What's the hurry anyway I say!?

this was a bit of a 'mock up' dance outfit - but she loved it!

yesterday just after Kidz Church finished Ebony went running full pelt out of the room and tripped on her new sandals and landed on her elbow - she cried a bit at the time but was easily distracted (even though there was blood for the first time ever with her). I took a while before anyone could come up with some bandaids (the First Aid box seriously needs stocking up!) and by that stage she had worked herself into a bit of a state - probably because she wasn't allowed to move too much or there would be blood over everything (it was really only a bad graze but was in an area where it just kept oozing). We had to take her home and I had to sit in the back seat with her (rare occurence). Then she just wanted to sit in one of our laps and didn't want anything to eat. I finally got her to bed with a little food in her belly by about 2pm! Getting Betadine and bandaids on her is not fun let me tell you! Either was the Panadol when she woke in a terrible mood either. Finally, once the Panadol kicked in she was back to normal for the rest of the day. Today she is still coming up to me saying 'hurt' - but I'm just kissing it better and saying it's healing and she's starting to accept it! Thank goodness. We've had such a tough little cookie until this episode.

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