Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's been happening?

Sorry! it's been a while since my last 'real' update. I'm going to add a few together!

This was taken on 12th Oct and is very special because the outfit Eb has on belonged to Autumn-Grace. Autumn-Grace is the daughter of our dear friends who have moved to Cambodia as Missionaries and are doing an awesome job over there. We miss them terribly.

This was taken when my darling husband called me and said 'wanna go for a walk around the lake?' when he was on his way home - I was so happy that he called - we need times just like these. He has been so busy trying to keep us 'afloat' and I've been so sad that he's just not had time to enjoy our family.....times like these are more precious than words can express....

This was taken on 'Daddy's birthday'. I was cleaning (again) and found that the place I clean has the most amazingly beautiful back garden - so I decided to make the most of it and do a photo shoot. If only Daddy could have been in the photo's!

These were also taken on Gra's birthday....a fun little girl playing. I surprised Gra with a BBQ down at the local playground and some lovely friends joined us for the evening. The weather has been so beautiful - but this night was...FREEZING!

23rd October .... cleaning teeth Ebby style!

My sleeping beauty asleep on the 23rd October...

and then her waking up happy as ever!

Another gorgeous photo shoot in the beautiful backyard where I clean (taken 24/10)

And finally a special visit from a wonderful Uncle! Eb's Uncle Tez (my brother) came for the weekend and Eb and Tez further cemented their relationship. Eb went for days after he left 'looking' for Uncle Tez at our home to play with! It was a quick weekend - but it was wonderful...thanks for taking the time Tez!

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