Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can you believe we have visitors!...

Yep - gluttons for punishment. No not really!
Sandi, Steve, Molly and Ming (adopted from China) arrived about 2 hours after we got home. Perfect timing...I'd just managed to pack away everything so I was (kinda) ready for them.

They stayed 3 wonderful nights and although we didn't get up to the snow (the weather was foul) we had lots of fun and Sandi and I got to go on some lovely walks while Steve looked after the children (and Graham worked!).

This family is so dear to us - they have walked a similar journey and we just 'click'. It was a special few days and the photo's will tell most of the story!. I was a bit slack with the camera though and poor Mol never got in one!.....sorry Mol!

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