Monday, October 19, 2009

50 months old!

50 months....that is how old my darling girl will be tomorrow.....
Gosh time is going quickly. Seems like only yesterday she was 15 months and we were about to travel to get her.

This morning I went in to get Eb out of bed and she wasn't ready. I had to leave the room, but I said to her if she wanted to get out of bed herself (has never happened yet) she could.
Well...she did! and I couldn't believe it :) She enjoyed my reaction so much that she went back to bed and got back out just to see my reaction.
I've loved getting her out of bed, but with my painful arm it was getting quite difficult some mornings ... so a new era begins and I say 'bye bye' to another beautiful stage.

We also had Eb's 4yo injections today. I'm SO glad it's the last injections until year 7. Eb is so strong and the whole process was rather horrible. She was so good as we went through a routine round of questions that relate to Eb's general health and wellbeing. We told her that after she had seen Dr. Dom she would get some lollies - so she was so looking forward to that - and then she had Nurse Jackie on one side and Dr Dom on the other and she was pricked at from both sides. Because she is SO strong neither of them made it in the first prick and she had to be jabbed quickly a second time. She didn't make a sound after the first squeal but I soon realised that was because she was drawing breath for the big scream. I felt so deeply for her. It's taken such a long time to build up trust in the medical professionals, and now I feel like we've 'undone' a lot of that work. I'm glad it wasn't her regular doctor that did the injections actually!

If I had known then what I know now - I think I would have prepared her a little better rather than hoping it would go well and saying nothing. It's not a good way to build up trust and I've learned another valuable lesson through all this I'm afraid.

She's had a very horrible afternoon - been very teary and emotional - but that's to be expected. To add to everything - Graham and I went out and did some mulching while she rested and watched 'Barney'. I came into the garage to do something and heard her screaming - ran inside and she was 'trapped' on the couch because the Peacock was at the screen door. She was hysterical. I think she'd probably tried to get to us a couple of times but been kept back. Poor little possum. After that she wouldn't leave my arms for anything!

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