Saturday, October 17, 2009

Special Visitor

I have had such a lovely weekend with my dear friend from Melbourne. We have been friends for 23+ years and it's the first time she has been able to visit us up here. She arrived on Thursday and stayed until Saturday.
We went for a lovely walk on Friday while Ebony was at Kinder then we went up the snow. Yes snow! We've had LOTS of snow and it was so beautiful up there. We enjoyed a lovely hot drink sitting beside a window (in the sun) looking out over the beauty of Falls Creek covered in pristine snow. It was a lovely afternoon.
Saturday we walked to 'Treats' Cafe with Eb, then had a hot drink. Graham joined us and then he took Eb with him while we walked back (6km walk!). It was lovely.
We then drove to Bright where we had lunch together before Mish headed home. It was so lovely to sit and reminisce and just have a wonderful catch up together.
We sure had a couple of late nights ..... but it was such a wonderful time and it brought me so much joy to see her and Ebony spending time together - Mish was just wonderful with Eb. We've waited a LONG time for this!

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McNicol Family said...

Hi Jen,

Loved this Blog. There is something 'irreplaceable' about 'old' friends and reminiscing. Cant wait to be considered one of your 'old' friends too one day. 23 + years would make me ... well we get the drift.
Loved the videos of Eb by the way ... singing and all. xxx