Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eliza's place for a few nights of rest

I was so exhausted after camp that we decided to stay 2 nights with Eliza and her Daddy Jim and Mummy Kate. Eliza and Eb had great fun together as usual and I delighted (in amongst my exhaustion) in watching them. Eb slept beautifully both nights and then had full days. Eliza had a birthday party to go to on Saturday but that didn't even put her off her fun times.
We did take the girls to DFO for a while on Saturday morning too.
Kate had bought a couple of Pumpkin Patch dresses very cheap and the girls put them on to help them feel like the little princesses they are - and it added to their fun too as you'll see!
Part the reason we went to DFO was so that I could see if there were any of the dresses left as they are so beautiful!...sadly there weren't any.
Sunday I made it home somehow - but I have no idea how. I was totally exhausted still and both Eb and I have got colds .... AGAIN! I'm a bit over this whole sickness thing this year!

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Kathryn said...

Oh Jen, what lovely photos (not that you and I are at all biased about our beautiful daughters:). Their joy at being together just radiates out of their dear little faces. I'm standing here grinning with the memory of joyful squeals and grins of delight in each other's antics. Aren't we blessed?