Friday, October 30, 2009

Some time with Mei.....

After the RCH visit we went and picked Mei up from Creche. She saw us before we saw her and her reaction was beautiful. Ruth hadn't been sure how Mei would be because she loves creche so much! I had all the codes and identification I needed (city is VERY different to country!) and in we went and met all Mei's little friends and then I had to try and pry both Eb and Mei away from the house of fun!
The best way was to offer a trip to McDonalds for an ice-cream....of course! What fun the girls had.

Then it was off to Mei's where we had a lovely night with Ruth and Chris while the girls played together.

Today (Friday) we had planned to go to the Zoo and Daddy caught the train all the way from Wangaratta at 5am (left home at 3.15am) so he could come with us - but alas, it rained! We couldn't go :( We did catch up with my friend Mish though and we went back to see SSM&M to pick up the trailer and ride-on mower I had brought down with me to trade in - so we got all that organised and headed home...finally arriving there after a delicious dinner at The Ovens Hotel ..... at about 10pm!

Another big trip done!...friends caught up with and fun had!

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