Thursday, October 29, 2009

Royal Childrens Hospital

Well, the day finally arrived.
Eb's appointment with the RCH to see what was happening with the 'overgrowth' in her left leg.
We left for Melbourne on Wednesday and popped in to see Mandy and Meiya in Benalla on the way through. The girls had a lovely time together, but sadly I didn't take the camera inside so I have no photo's to show for it! It was such a beautiful day and it was lovely to watch them playing and to catch up with my batch buddy as well!

We spent the night with Sandi, Steve, Molly and Ming in Surrey Hills. Steve was at work so we got the children settled for the night and then enjoyed a lovely evening with a bottle of wine and a beautiful dinner Sandi prepared for us. Ming and Eb played so well together it was a lovely relaxing stay. Thankfully Eb didn't suffer any sleep terrors. I think that going to SSM&M's reminds her of when we were attending the PC ed sessions in March. We left her with them for 3 different days over 6 weeks and I think, although she trusts and loves them, it was pretty hard on her. She said to me a few times on the way down to them .... 'Mummy stay'. Hopefully me staying will mean she is now comfortable there - she certainly had fun and didn't want to leave the next morning! We went to visit Sandi at work before we left and here's a photo of Eb 'playing' in the mirror at Sandi's work....

On the way in to the RCH I decided to park the car and take the tram in - a bit of an adventure for Eb and it meant I didn't need to worry about parking. So I parked in Richmond and headed in. Now - public transport has changed A LOT since the last time I used it! The ticket machine was jammed so I just took a seat. Then 3 inspectors got on. Thankfully they didn't make their way to us - they were too busy trying to unjam the machine. We got of and then went on a hunt to find out what tickets we needed and where we needed to go. Well - by the time we worked out what we needed and where we needed to be, it was well and truly time to get on one of the 3 trams we would need to get on before we made it back to the car! We arrived at the RCH with just enough time to have some McDonalds lunch and then get upstairs to the appointment.

Tram on the way to the RCH

At RCH McDonalds

Tram on the way back to the car

The doctor was absolutely wonderful and he put Eb at ease immediately (her last experience with a doctor was when she had her dual 4yo jabs and I was a bit unsure how she would go!).
He organised an x-ray (which was done on the day thankfully) and then he worked out that there is a 1cm difference in length between her left and right legs. He said that's not too bad at this stage. He would now like to see her every 6 months or so until she's around about 10-11 years old - that way he can continually asses her growth rate. If it settles down - we can stop or not go so frequently.

All in all, I'm at peace. The doctor would like to get to the bottom of what is causing the problem, but he said we may never be able to. If there was a birthmark or mark on the skin on that leg he would know that was where the problem was - but there is nothing evident.

So - we just love and enjoy this darling little girl who is so active and so full of life it's hard to believe there is even a thing wrong!

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