Monday, October 05, 2009

'I need my mummy'

My heart melted.
I've been really struggling and I've no idea why. The whole camp thing was particularly difficult for me, but I'm not sure why. I think being unwell before I left, then traveling all that way (even though Cristina did all the driving from Melb to Adel and back) and then getting home unwell...and doing my back as well was all just a bit much for me.
Anyway - Monday night - our second night home, Eb was obviously struggling with me not being in the same room as her to sleep (Sunday night she spent a lot of the night in our bed too) and she's not well. I was kneeling beside her helping her get of to sleep when she said 'I need my mummy'. Tears sprung to my eyes immediately. She's never said that and it melted my heart. I kinda needed to hear that - it touched a place in my heart that just wasn't really coping with life I think. How grateful I am for this precious, beautiful little girl.

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