Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2nd update

3 nights have passed since we arrived. We woke on Sunday - early - so had a yummy (provided) breakfast here and I decided we'd go to Church. Lee went out for a walk and I came back and text Katrina. I was feeling really headachy and tired and in the end she was under pressure to get there and it was all hard so she suggested we have a quiet morning and they came and picked us up at 12ish and took us to 'the blue pumpkin' for lunch. It was a beautiful little oasis that has a toy shop amongst it....so we barely saw the children! After lunch we chatted a bit about a plan and the the 5 girls headed to the market to buy some textiles as props for the photo shoots. When we arrived back at the Hotel we went and had dinner Eb didnt want anything at first then she did and it took 1.5hrs for hers to arrive for some reason (!). In the end I asked them to deliver it to our room so i could start to get her ready for bed After she ate she had another meltdown so I had to put a screaming child in in the bath for a second night. It's so exhausting when I'm so tired myself. I had a bit to do after she went to sleep and then she was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am! Needless to say yesterday was a tough day. Not for her - she seemed fine (until another meltdown at bedtime). She played all day and was mostly fine - but I had a really hard day. I absolutely loved doing the photography but I feel so inadequate. Lee is so much more experienced than me and I'm having to push down feelings all the time when I'm so exhausted. Had a bit of a meltdown myself at one stage. I'm hoping I'll feel much better today since I've had better sleep (and Eb is still asleep - which will mean over 12 hours for her). I had to rock and !sing! Her to sleep last night. I haven't done that for a few years! I cried myself for her and in my own exhaustion and emotions. There were two women we photographed yesterday. Lee took one and I took the other. The gorgeous girl I spent time with is 22 and her little son is 2.5 months. She is by far the most shy of the girls. She just had her hair cut and it's the first time Katrina had seen her face properly in all the time she has cared for her. Yesterday Katrina saw the first glimpses of some confidence in her. I cried a few times as I met the girls and although mostly we don't understand each other we sure can communicate. It's amazing. The work Katrina is doing has me blown away. The organization she has developed shows me just how God can equip His people. Eb has just woken and we need to get ready for another big day so I'll do my best to continue soon. Love, Jen and Ebby xx

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