Thursday, October 20, 2011

4th update

I'm so exhausted I'm not sure what to say tonight. Getting more confidence with my photography - did another two shoots today. Both Lee and I were exhausted after the first but we soldiered on. The babies and mums are so amazing but I know I've said that already. Can't wait to share a few photos when I can! We have another two tomorrow and then two or three on Friday. Had dinner at Paul and Kats tonight. Kids are fine, Paul a bit stressed and Kat stretched but they're hanging in there. We were meant to photograph twins today but one was quite sick so have to put that off til Monday I think. I'm just blown away by all that is going on and all that Mothers Heart are doing. I'm getting some figures together to give you an idea and hope to post that shortly It's amazing how the Lord is blessing the work of MH but the pressure is enormous. As Katrina said tonight though. She does all she can to not worry. Because she knows that ultimately our God (of the last minute) provides. It's not her place to worry. Such wise words to leave you with xxx

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