Friday, October 21, 2011

Fifth update

Today we woke knowing that we had a whole morning free...and part of the afternoon.  We didn't need to begin photographing until mid afternoon.

....then the phone rang and it was Katrina saying that the twins had arrived at the office!....quick change of plans.  I so love what I'm doing, but I so needed this morning off.  Poor Eb has been dragged out of bed every morning and I've had to tread very lightly with her to get her up, dressed, fed and ready.  We started of well, but then I had to push her again.  She really did well and now, at the office, she has developed a bit of a rapour with the staff and she seems to have a wonderful time with them.  We arrived there, started to set up and then thought we needed a new location otherwise all the photo's would start to look the same.  So we decided to take the twins back to our hotel.  We all loaded into a tuk tuk and headed there.  Sadly, I had trouble with my camera and couldn't work out what was wrong...but thankfully, later in the day Lee was able to help out.  It did mean that I barely got 1 good photo of the twins....but the upside is that we are re-shooting them on Monday because they were just not up to the task this morning.  Still not 100% well we don't think.  The setting here at the hotel is so lovely, so the mum is meeting us here at about 9am on Monday and that should work well.....if it isn't raining.

When it rains here - it rains!  it is raining as I type and it's so beautiful to listen to.

The afternoon shoot was at a small 'community' just on the outskirts of Phnom Phen.  We left this busy, dirty, dusty street and turned into a kind of commune.  We drove (only a short distance) through mud, big puddles, rubbish, wooden houses and lots of local folk....until we arrived at our destination.  A gorgeous (in our eyes only) timber hut ...or room actually...that houses this mum, her mum and her baby girl who is almost 1.  Of course I needed to use the bathroom which was nothing short of interesting in a small village like that!
The baby was totally gorgeous of course and many of the village folk came out to see what was going on!  I think the mum probably felt similar to what we would feel like to be a movie star for an hour or so!
We just get settled in and met the family when Katrina called to say that one of her girls has gone into labour - so it meant we needed to rush the photo shoot - but that's life.  The girls who came with us to translate needed to be there to help off we went a bit to soon for us.

And that's really the sum of what was meant to be our not so busy day.  Autumn came to spend the night with us last night and Katrina, Paul and the boys met us back at the Hotel for a nice quiet drink together.  Tomorrow and Sunday are days off - so I'm hoping we can get in some R&R.

I've added photos of Eb and Autumn xxx


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