Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cambodia here we are

After some 22 hours Lee, Eb and I finally arrived in Cambodia. I don't think I've ever had such a stressful lead up to going away.....but we made it. Left home at 7.45pm on Friday - headed to the Airport via a stop at McDonalds. I felt nervous and sad all the way in the car and cried when I said goodbye to my man. I don't think I'll ever do something like this again without him. Airport was frantic and we waited in a LONG cue to check-in only to find things have changed and I had to go and kind of repack and then had to pay excess baggage! Not happy. Flight took off on time, then we hit terrible turbulence about an hour out of Melbourne. Worst ever for me yet I coped really well. Both flights had rough patches worst fears lived out (well maybe not my worst!,) Arrived in KL on time and got to the Hotel by about 8am. Had a lovely breakfast then a swim then a lovely shower then back to the Airport (after a panicked look for my phone...which was tucked in my bag and couldn't be heard because it was so well packed....and which all left me wanting another shower!) Then it was off to Cambodia. Flight actually got in about 15mins early and it was so lovely to see the Gliddon gang. We checked into our Hotel then we went to the good old Himaware for a drink by the river (which is incredibly flooded - couldn't believe the flooding as we flew in and was totally unaware of all that was happening here. Many homes and lives lost - so sad). Eb did amazingly through the whole 'adventure'. Barely a bad moment until we were about to land in Phnom Phen. Then played hard with the Gliddon children when we were out (all on very minimal sleep) - but when we were dropped back at the Hotel the 'chickens came home to roost' as the saying goes.. She stood outside the door of our room saying she didn't like the smell and I had to bring her in forcibly then try to undress-bath and then settle a totally distraught child. She finally fell into an exhausted sleep in my arms on the couch and it was only minutes before I carried a comatose child to bed. She slept about 12 hours - I didn't fare so well and feel quite yucky today but I know I'll be fine with a good sleep tonight. Love to all who read xx

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