Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3rd update

I want to talk a little about all Katrina is doing, I am struggling to come to terms with just how much things have changed in 19 months. I don't want - for one moment - to give the wrong impression. Things are hard and the need for funding is VERY obvious. But it is so wonderful to see how God is at work. The building that now houses Mothers Heart is amazing. 4 floors in total. The ground floor is mostly for the 'clients' as well as a storage area and kitchen. The second floor has an office and a counseling room. The third floor has a board room and more offices and the top floor has a room that is used to sleep/house clients and staff where necessary. The rent alone is some $600 per month. Then there are the amazing baskets of goodies each new mum gets .... The medical care .... The hospital care ... The wages.... The much needed and used tuk tuk driver/s (I've never spent so much time in a tuk tuk as this visit!) ... The water that is consumed ... The meals that are provided ... The computers and necessary office equipment ... The utility bills ... The medication ... The phone bills ... Gosh the list goes ...BUT nothing compares to seeing .....let alone having the privilege of photographing.....these beautiful, healthy, bundles of love. To see such young mums who almost aborted or gave away their child express so much love and to see them care so tenderly for their child has brought more tears to my eyes than I can tell you. What an amazing testament to the love of a mother for her child. No matter what the circumstances of the child's conception these mums have that amazingl ability to love beyond their tragedy. I have been trying to photograph through tears on many occasions. Have I said enough for one post? I could go on for such a long time....but I won't. Eb has been better today - only a minor meltdown before bed - but such a relief after the last 3 nights I can tell you. Had breakfast and dinner here at the Hotel and lunch at 'Jars of Clay' which was yet another very cheap place with amazingly yummy food. Tomorrow we have twin girls to photograph and a small 4 month old boy who is only about 9lbs. I can't believe it's only been 3 sleeps so far - it feels like we've been here a week already. Lee is doing great and is a delight - so relaxed and easy to be with......and so comfortable in Asia after having lived in Singapore for a few years! It has been very steamy and the power has gone out on both days at the office which means no air-conditioning....but we're JUST surviving :). Feeling it more this trip than last - but that could be nerves too.. Love always xxx Jen and Eb xxx

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