Friday, October 28, 2011

Seventh update

I'm  so sorry this has taken so long. 
It seems it's been such a busy few days...I can't believe it's actually 5 days since I updated.
Sunday I went to Church which was so lovely and refreshing.  Some of the people staying out our Hotel came along after I told them about the Church which was lovely.  It was a very special message actually...but that's for another day.
After Church we headed to meet Lee for some lunch and then Eb and I had a bit of downtime until our photoshoot that was scheduled for 3.30pm.  Sadly things got a bit mucked up and mum and bub didn't arrive until closer to 4.30.  Not their fault and we just had to work with the fading light.  Still got some good shots thank the Lord.
Sunday night we went out for dinner at 'Friends' restaurant - another lovely story.  It was quite special.  Just Lee, Eb and I.
Monday we had couple of photo shoots in the morning and then we headed home for some editing...although we didn't get back until quite late.  Monday night we went out to a 'Khmer' restaurant with the Gliddon family for Lee's last night.  Mothers Heart gave Lee a beautiful 'lotus flower' embroidery that I know she will cherish.

Tuesday was Lee's day to head home.  We all had to book out - but thankfully we had a morning to just relax before we checked out at midday.  We met Katrina for lunch and then picked up the children from school and headed out to say goodbye. 

I have so enjoyed my time with Lee, I was just a bit sad to see her leave...but happy that she was going home where she belongs with her family.

We came back home via a few stops and I unpacked and we settled in for the night.

Wednesday I decided I needed to just spend some time with Eb.  We did meet Katrina for lunch, but basically had a very low key day.

Today I had to be up and at 'em ready to be in a tuk tuk with Eb by 7am for an early morning family photo shoot.  I was nervous but excited.  It went quite well.  I then had a couple of things to do before I got a call from Katrina saying there was a baby to be photographed at the office!  Off we went.  Katrina and I went and purchased a few props....then had lunch and then back to the office.  I was hoping NOT to do this one because the time of day made the lighting terrible and I needed to be in the right head space to do another personal photo shoot with a family at 3.30pm.  It did all get done and over the next few days I have a LOT of editing to do.

We are heading to 'Kep', just Katrina, Autumn, Eb and I tomorrow and I feel so much like I just need the break.  It is SO steamy and I'm having 2-3 showers a day if I can.  Coping OK but still really feeling it.  Mum and Tez you just could never consider it!  it was ok in the Hotel, but here it is hard.

Eb seems to be settling in really well.  Has her times of utter defiance - but mostly she's good.  She loves time in the tuk tuk and she is having an absolute ball with the children.

The power seems to be going out almost every single day....and it can go out for hours at a time.  Then it is extra hard.

Anyway - I hope to be able to do a bit more of a catch up from Kep.  ....maybe even from around the pool.  Oh my gosh - I would give almost anything to be able to jump in a cool pool at this very moment!
3 hours drive ahead in the morning...but it will be worth it.

Sadly - dentist on Monday :(

***Daddy we looked back through some photo's of you and Eb at Beechworth for Fathers Day last night and your little girl said 'I miss my daddy mummy'....melted my heart and I'm sure it will yours xxx

lots of love xxx

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