Friday, November 09, 2007

and then there were three....

....three little girls from Suixi, Guangdong, China that is. Little Camille and Mei (and their mummy's) came to visit. What fun it was. They arrived on Wednesday 7th and left today. It feels very sad to have them gone actually. The house has been filled with fun, giggles and...yes...some crying! But all in all the girls got on very well and I think the big girls had fun too.

They all arrived around lunchtime on Wednesday and we had a pretty low key afternoon and evening (except Ruth and I stayed up too late!). Then on Thursday we took the girls to the property next door where our lovely neighbors - Kent and Sevasti - were so kind to the girls. They opened all the chook/peacock/bantom etc enclosures to let the animals out for the girls to enjoy-they even let them pat the peacock and a baby bantom, not to mention a baby lamb and the alpaca's - they girls had an absolute ball. We fed them all the scraps that I keep and I have a lovely photo to share....

The girls then had a sleep and after that we took them to the Mt. Beauty park (via a walk) and once again they had a great time - it's a really good park for a small town and they all seemed to have good fun together.

Thursday we all had an early night and then Friday we took the girls out for a treat and then went to another park before it was time to go home.

It was such a wonderful time - the girls really did get on well. The weather was good to us and it was just great to see how the girls are growing and developing and the bonds that are forming. I think the mummy's were a bit exhausted - but I hope it was well worth it.

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